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4 sizes of Superchargers
33.5, 48.3, 63.2 & 70.6
cubic inch/revolution

High Efficiency Roots Superchargers

Fageol Superchargers manufactures four sizes of superchargers 33.5,  48.3, 63.2 and 70.6 cubic inch per revolution. These can cover 4 cycle  engines from a .5 to 3 litre displacement with one supercharger.

Our superchargers are made from high quality materials, 4340 gears  and shafts and viton rotor seals with extruded aluminum center section.  All parts are precision machined to aircraft specs.

Supercharger drives are available in lengths from 2.4" to 7.9" long  (casting length). 90 drives are also available. All drives are machined  for idler mount behind pulley.

Supercharger image

Supercharger Kits

We offer idler arms and pulleys. We also have supercharger pulleys  for 8 mm H.T.D. belt systems and multi-v or serpentine belt systems.  Custom pulleys are also available - contact us for a quote.

We have supercharger inlet and outlet adapter plates and we can custom make intake manifolds for most engines.

side view of supercharger

Development, Fabrication

Our kits come setup with a drive ratio for 5 pounds of boost at 5,000  RPM and provide a horsepower increase of approximately 35% at the rear  wheels when bolted on a stock engine. We have street legal kits for kits  for '82 through '85 carburated and '86 TBI S-10's and Blazers. The kit  will not work on an '87 - the difference is the accessory drive system  and the ECM. The supercharger comes with an intake manifold that will  bolt up to the iron heads. The drive system and brackets will work with  the S-10 v-belt system. A complete installation manual is provided with  our kits and installation can be accomplished using standard hand tools.  Free technical information is offered during regular business hours to  customers who purchase a supercharger or kit. 

end view of Supercharger


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